Welcome to Norddal

The community of Norddal is located on the eastern part of Sunnmøre in Møre og Romsdal county. The community consists of five villages around the fjord that is called Norddalsfjorden. Eidsdal and Norddal is located on the southern shores of the fjord. Tafjord, Fjørå and Valldal on the Northern shores. The centre of the community is in Valldal. The population  is around 1700.

Contact information


Visiting address: Rådhuset, 6210 Valldal
Postal address: Postboks 144, 6211 Valldal
Telephone: (+47) 70 25 88 00
Telefax: (+47) 70 25 88 01
E-mail: post@norddal.kommune.no


The municipality service office is a public information- and consultation centre for municipal services, questions and approaches. The centre is located at the 1st floor in Norddal community centre.


Opening hours: Weekdays 08.00-15.00 (01.04. - 01.10)
                                     (01.10 - 01.04) 


Mayor: Arne Sandnes


Chief Officer: Tor Helge Stavdal


Norddal is located between two of the most well known tourist attractions in Norway, namely Geiranger and Trollstigen.  Beautiful sceneries, good climate and a good access to different outdoor activities, are some of our trademarks. Norddal is a world heritage site. A national park is within our borders and we have some areas that are protected as a habitat for rare plant and animal life. The community is the fifth largest in the county with its 941 km2. It is about an hours drive east of Ålesund.


We want Norddal to be a good place to live for everyone. That includes high quality on different types of service that is given here. We want to provide a good and safe environment for the elderly as well as giving the children and the young adults good opportunities for different activities.


Preschool is available for everybody in need of it. The school buildings are modern and we have a popular school of culture, which offer courses in music and different kinds of art.  This provides a platform for a good place to spend the first years of life.


Your spare time in Norddal does not need to be boring! We have many cultural activities, and we are proud to say that we have many clever and enthusiastic individuals that offer activities within many fields. We have very wonderful conditions for fishing, mountain hiking, mountain climbing as well as mountain biking. Rafting, going out on the fjord, either in a canoe or in a motor boat may give you extraordinary experiences.  If you have an interest in photography, there are endless sources of magnificent motives here. 


Our highest mountain peak is Pyttegga (1999 m high), and it is definitely worth climbing!  The nature that we have here is spectacular and it invites to a great variety of outdoors activities. 


In Norddal we have a variety businesses. This provides multiple possibilities for work here. The community itself is the largest employer with its about 300 employees.


Muritunet is a health and rehabilitation centre that is the largest private business.  Agriculture is a very important business in the community. Valldal actually provides about 50% of the production of strawberries for commercial use in the country! There is a rich variety of production of food on the local farms. Traditional farm products such as milk and meat along with fruit must be mentioned.


On different places in the communities there are many restaurants where you can buy traditional local food.  Industrial activities are also among the businesses that are located here. In Tafjord there is a big power plant that provides electric power for the county. If you want a breathtaking experience you can go visit Zakariasdemninga (The Zakarias dam), which is 95 meters high!